I love the simple title of this page as this is what this blog is all about. Our HOME. I am not a sentimental person and I do not get attached to places (except a certain beach house in North Topsail, but more on that later). To me, home is where you are with the people you love.

img_0728And this crazy jungle above is the front half of the place we plan to call “home” for the next few years. There is SO MUCH to be done (every floor, every piece of trim, every ceiling, every outlet…and that’s just on the inside) and this is where we will share all that we are doing as we are doing it. The yard is a whole other post. There are fig trees and blueberry bushes and pear trees and deer and wild turkey and crazy tall trees that I’m praying don’t fall on the house. We will probably wait until things cool off here before we even think about all we want to do out there.

Anyway, this is our fixer upper and we’d love for you to follow us on this crazy, fun journey if you like.


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